Code Should be Beautiful

Hi, my name is Ian (@iansvo). I’m a frontend developer. I love making websites and apps that load fast and work well on any device. On this site, you can find my blog and learn about what I’m doing right now.

I’m currently accepting freelance work and I’d love to discuss your next project. Send me an email to get started.

About Me

I’m a frontend developer from Chicago, IL, and based in Jacksonville, FL. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Server Administration and Networking and have been a developer for over 8 years. You can read more about what I’m doing right now here.

In addition to my programming and server administration skills, I have an extensive background in customer support and pride myself in being a responsive and effective communicator. I really enjoy my work and I love channeling that passion into making great results for my clients.

Code is Poetry

I’m comfortable working with frontend frameworks as well as writing completely bespoke code. I write high-quality HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and PHP that is clean, organized, and easily maintained. This allows the code I write to be easily read and understood by the next person who works with it.

I write well-organized CSS in an object-oriented structure, which allows components to be very easily reused. I’m very familiar with bundlers and build processes, but I’m comfortable writing all my styles by hand.

I have 5+ years experience working with React and similar JavaScript UI frameworks. In my last 2 roles I have focused a lot more on JavaScript testing (Jest/Cypress/RTL) and TypeScript.

The websites I create are responsive, so you don’t have to worry about how your site will work on a phone or tablet. Even if your design doesn’t include a separate mockup for different screen sizes, I can help translate your beautiful design to work on any mobile device.

When I code WordPress themes, I write them in a way that is clean, easy to understand, and maintainable. I use the right plugins for the job when they are necessary, not just installing the first thing I find in the plugin repository. If you or your organization have a specific way you like sites coded, just let me know and we can discuss your needs.