Hi, my name is Ian.

I make web projects happen.

Ian Svoboda

Let me introduce myself

I’m Ian, a web designer/developer living in Jacksonville, FL. I’ve been building websites and designing interactions since 2013.

I’ve seen many of the right (and wrong) ways to successfully complete a web project. One thing that never changes: your design should get (and maintain) someone’s attention enough for them to connect with your product/service. This is the type of experience my process can provide.

Starting a new web project can be a daunting prospect. Your project is important and you need to get it right. I’m confident that I can craft the perfect solution for your needs, big or small.

Have a new project? Not sure what you need? Lets Talk.

How I can help you

Whether you need to start a new project, get help with an existing project, or plan your next move, I can help. Need a custom WordPress theme? I can help there as well.

Here’s a list of the types of things I do for my clients:

Website Design

I love making beautiful, efficient websites that work on any device.

WordPress Theme Development

I make custom programmed WordPress themes that are stunning, fast, and easy to work with.

Project Consulting

I help my clients plan new projects and keep existing projects on track.

Incidental Programming

I can help update an existing site or theme with cleanly written code.