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Toddler Fatherhood

In March 2022 my daughter turned 3. It’s incredible to see how fast things are going. Being a parent is definitely a full-time job even if you’re in a committed relationship! My wife and I are both involved parents so keeping up with my daughter takes up a lot of my time.

Working at 10up

After working at a small agency for many years, I now work at 10up, which is one of the top WordPress firms in the world. I join the team as a Senior Frontend Engineer and I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me!

Durable CSS Book

Book progress has definitely not been as fast as I like. But I’m finding my way as a creator and I’m working towards getting this content out for everyone to see. I’m really excited about the material and even about 2 years after coming up with the idea I still think its relevant and hopefully others agree as well.