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Being a Father

As of March 2019 I became a father for the first time when my daughter Magnolia (Nola) was born. My wife and I are working very hard to be the best parents we can. Its a job that is not without its struggles and difficulties, but seeing Nola’s smiling face makes it all worth it!


I’ve worked at Oyova as a frontend developer since April 2017. As of April 2019, I accepted a new role as the Lead Frontend Developer, where I am responsible for managing the fulfillment and code review process for 5 developers. In addition to programming tasks, I also handle PM and management tasks for various projects.


I continue to serve TitanHost clients and working with our infrastructure team. I have been working on the redesign of the website, which should be coming at some point this year.


July 2020 – I’m working on writing a book. I don’t want to speak too much about it until it’s further along, but I’m really excited about the material and I hope people will find it useful!